Book Review: ‘Babylon Twins’ Is A Good Start To A New Triology

A sterling debut YA (Young Adult) novel from author M.F. Gibson sets the stage for a great science fiction trilogy. A mom, her twin girls Cloe and Elizabeth and her son take off from San Francisco ten years ago when a superdrug was introduced into society. They have lived off the grid in the cabin in the woods with no issues. They hunted, planted and learned on their own.

Now ten years later someone has found them. AIs are now the majority and are searching out far and wide for people to inject. When their mother leaves to go find out what is going on and never returns, the kids take off to find her. It’s a new world out there that they’re not familiar with. They must fight it and the people, things that are now out there. They also need to find a cure for their brother who has been infected. Fighting off one thing after another leads to a climatic ending that sets up the next book.

The story is written from the point of views of the twins and we see and hear their conversations. The story is intense as author Gibson is a screenwriter so writing a book comes natural to him. The page-turning plot will keep readers on the edge of their seats right up to the last word.

You can pick up the book in stores now.

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