Book Review: ‘Baby Teeth: A Novel’ Is A Thrilling Debut Novel

Zoje Stage is a filmmaker and a writer. And now is a novelist with the release of her first novel Baby Teeth. And what a novel it is. It might be one of the best books of the year. It’s a thrilling story, told from the point of the two main characters Hanna and Suzette (daughter and mother). It’s also creepy and scary and a battle for the ages that takes you on a ride up and down right to the final word of the story.

Suzette and Alex are happily married with a seven year old girl named Hannah. Hannah loves her dad a lot but not so much with her mother. She also has never spoken, been kicked out of schools for behavior and is very smart. She wants her dad all to herself. She goes on a plan to destroy her mother. She speaks only to her and says her name is that of a witch that was burned centuries ago. She schemes, sneaks around and plans to kill her. Suzette is the only one to see all this and when she tells Alex he’s not sure he believes her. They take Hannah to a child psychologist who sees Hannah for what she is. They are trying to get their little girl help to no avail. When things take a drastic, deadly turn, Alex and Suzette have only one thing they can do and it breaks their hearts and that of Hannah.

To say anymore might giveaway spoilers but just know this. If you like scary, horror stories this is the book for you. There’s never a dull moment and at times if you’re like me might say out loud Holy Sh** this is not happening.

You can pick up Baby Teeth in stores on Tuesday, July 17 from St. Martin’s Press.

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