Book Review: ‘Auxiliary: London 2039’ By Jon Richter Is A Thrilling Novel

London in 2039 is a completely different city now that it’s run by AI named TIM. Think of Suri or Alexa on steroids. There’s nothing you need to do for yourself. Just tell TIM or your robot. There are all sorts of robots that do everything and I mean everything, even sexual things. They look human enough. Most people have lost their jobs and get a small pay from the government.

For Carl Dremmler it’s another day at work. He still has a job as a police officer (there are not very many left that are human). There isn’t much crime these days. But today is a different story. There’s been a gruesome murder. A girl has been killed by her boyfriend or I should say his arm, which had a chip in it. He claims the arm went crazy and he couldn’t control it. It was hacked he swears. But that’s impossible as TIM cannot be hacked.

As he works the case he’s believing the boyfriend more about the hack. Another murder takes place. People have disappeared. He smells a conspiracy happening and it brings back painful memories from his past as he investigates. It brings him face to face with the past and his life is in grave danger and leads to shocking revelations.

This book was Great. So many twists and turns you don’t see coming at all. It is something that could actually exist in years to come and it’s frightening to imagine. Author Jon Richter does a great job in how he wrote and imagines the future.

You can pick up the book in stores now.

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