Book Review: ‘Aurora: A Novel’ By David Koepp

A freak solar storm is coming and when it does will knock out power and almost everything else in most of the world. There’s only about 12 hours to prepare for this. In Aurora, Illinois Aubrey Wheeler is preparing along with the stepson that was left behind when she divorced her loser husband Rusty. He’s a gambler and drug addict and keeps coming by and looking for money and to be a pain. In Silicon Valley, Aubrey’s rich billionaire brother Thom is moving his family and a select group of people to his underground compound that’s built for this type of situation. He wants Aubrey to join him but she won’t. And then the power goes out and the days and weeks go along. Aubrey is making due and they start a community farm and Rusty keeps coming around. When Thom sends one of his workers with money for Aubrey it creates a deadly situation and for Thom who figures it out may be the one to be the savior. A solid suspensful thriller, with a great premise and a good build up to the climax. Already hailed by Linwood Barclay, Black Crouch, Brian De Palma and Stephen King and just was picked up by Kathryn Bigelow to air on Netflix.

You can pick up Aurora in stores on Tuesday, June 7th from Harper.

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