Book Review: ‘Assassin’s Lullaby: A Novel’ By Mark Rubenstein

by | Jun 1, 2022 | Books | 0 comments

If you’re a fan of an assasin and the Russian mob and an action book, this is the one for you. I really enjoyed this novel and couldn’t put it down. Eli Dagan is 39 years old, lives in New York City, is a former Mossad agent and is at present a contract killer. He has plenty of money, secret ID’s and could just leave at any point. Whenever he goes out anywhere he scans and searches to make sure not one is after him. He gets a call from the head of the Odessa Mafia Anton in NY, who wants a metting. Eli usually never meets anyone in person but takes the meeting. Anton wants him to kill a rival Russian Mob leader but make it look like a normal death and then something else as well and will pay him a lot of money. Eli takes the gig and is able to take care of part one and part two is a little more difficult. He is to ‘romance’ a Russian woman looking for a flash drive that could implicate Anton in some bad schemes. But things start to go haywire for Eli. Someone has betrayed Anton and exposed Eli and then he gets a shock when the tables are turned on him a second time. But Eli is a bad ass and won’t go down without a fight as the bodies start to pile up. I would love to see another adventure with Eli in the future.

You can pick up Assassin’s Lullaby in stores on Tuesday, June 21st.