Book Review: ‘Anywhere For You: A Novel’ By Abbie Greaves

Mary O’Connor and Jim were very happy for a while. Then he up and vanished one day seven years ago and Mary had to go on without him. Even now she still misses him and goes to the London Tube every night with a sign looking for Jim. She also volunteers at a crisis hotline and swears Jim has been calling her. Alice is a reporter who sees what Mary is doing and soon decides that this could be the story she needs for her job and career. She decides she’s going to find Jim, even when Mary asks her not to. Via flashbacks we learn the story of Mary and Jim and what happened in their relationship. Alice continues to investigate and learns a shocking reveal, as does Mary when she learns the secret behind those phonecalls.

A solid, if not unspectualar mystery, with a good build up and then flat reveal about what happened to Jim. You can pick up Anywhere For You in stores on Tuesday, April 6th from William Morrow.

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