Book Review: ‘Another Woman’s Husband: A Novel’ Is A Great Look At The Woman Who Got A King To Give Up The Throne

Two women from different times see the past and the present collide in Gill Paul’s great new historical fiction Another Woman’s Husband. It’s a stunning look at Wallis Simpson, the woman who The Price Of Wales/King Of England fell in love with, married and gave up being King for.

In 1911 we meet fifteen year old girls Wallis Warfield and Mary Kirk at summer camp. They become fast friends and sisters for live. Wallis is more reckless than Mary is. Mary comes from money and more of a social status. We follow their story through marriages, divorces, lost babies and how Wallis met the future King Of England. How he fell in Love with her and how he gave up his crown in a controversial scandal. Marrying a divorced American at that time was just not allowed. There was also a falling out between Mary and Wallis at this time as well. It always seemed to by about Wallis and Mary always took a back seat and put up with her.

In 1997 Alex and Rachel have just become engaged in Paris. They’re headed out to dinner to celebrate when they come upon the tragedy with Princess Diana and the crash. Alex rushes to the scene but there’s not much he can do. He picks up a bracelet that has fallen on the ground and they leave. They should turn it into the police but don’t. They return to England and Alex, who is a TV producer decides to make a documentary about what happened. Rachel has an antiques store that sells stuff made before 1950. When she is given a dress that belonged to Wallis Simpson it sets her on a path to the past. Rachel also discovers that Princess Di was going to the last home that belonged to Wallis to pick up a painting that belonged to her friend’s Susie’s family (who she also got the dress from). She soon learns the secret behind the dress, painting and bracelet.

A lot of the story is based on true facts, although things have been added or exaggerated for this story. Still for anyone like me that loves reading stories about the royal family (past and present), this is a great book for you. Author Gill Paul gives a great historical overview at the end of the book that is also worth reading.

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, August 21st from William Morrow.

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