Book Review: ‘An Unlikely Spy: A Novel’ By Rebecca Starford

Evelyn Varney has tried to put her past behind in and in 1948 she has met a new man and seems to be happy. Then she runs into an old friend Julia she hasn’t seen in years and it brings her past back into focus. In 1939 after graduating Oxford and being able to speak German, she’s recruited by MI5 and soon she’s ask to join and expose a German secret society in London, known as the Lion Society. She has to do this on the sly and not tell anyone and she soon finds out things and isn’t sure who to trust and she has a big decision to make, that will impact her life going forward. This is the debut novel from Rebecca Starford and it’s a great debut. Filled with twists and a solid look at how things were during WWII, you will not want to put it down.

You can pick up the paperback version in stores on Tuesday, April 12th (Hardcover came out last year) from Ecco.

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