Book Review: ‘American Traitor’ Is The Next Thrilling Pike Logan Book From Brad Taylor

Pike Logan and Jennifer are off to Australia for a two-week vacation. They will be visiting with Clifford Delmonty, who used to work at the Taskforce with them. He left a year ago and now works for company in Australia who makes parts and AI for F-35s. As Pike and Jennifer make their way there, Clifford sees something at his work that he shouldn’t have. There is a co-worked that seems to be doing shady things. And now they’re after Cliff. And when Pike and Jennifer get to his place, they stumble upon a group of hitmen that want Cliff and try to take them. But they don’t know who Pike and Jennifer are. This sets them on the run to find Cliff and his girlfriend Nicole who have taken off.

Pike informs his new boss at the Taskforce and it’s discovered there’s a plot by the Chinese who want Tawain back and they plan to send a hack that will make it look like China has declared war and also to mess with their election, but they haven’t, and Taiwan would respond. So now Pike’s team has arrived and it’s a race to save Cliff, Nicole and stop China from this devious plot before it’s too late and war breaks out in the China seas.

Another solid Pike Logan novel that is all action from the time they get down under. There have been developments on the personal front and it will be interesting to see where it goes. Always a good time reading these novels.

You can pick up American Traitor in stores on Tuesday, January 5th from Morrow.

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