Book Review: ‘Alone In The Wild’ Is The Next Thrilling Rockton Novel By Kelley Armstrong

The very small community of Rockton is in Alaska under the grid. It’s a place for people to come to try and redeem themselves. It is about 200 people, no internet or TV. Everyone works for the benefit of the town. They do have two bars and a brothel. It’s where Detective Casey Duncan came years ago and has remained. She is with the Sheriff Eric Dalton (her boyfriend). It’s up to them to keep the town safe.

While on a mini two day getaway in the wilderness, Casey hears the sound of a baby. It can’t be she thinks. But she soon finds a one month one baby on the body of a dead woman who has been shot. She takes the baby and her and Eric drag the body back to town. No kids are allowed in Rockton and taking care of this baby isn’t easy. Hardly anyone knows what to do with her. Lucky one of the residents was a mid-wife. It is determined that the woman that had the baby is not her mother and Casey and Eric go looking for the family.

The town and it’s unique people will band together to help watch the baby while they check surrounding villages and try to figure out who the baby belonged to and what happened to the woman. And this also brings into play something they have never really talked about having kids of their own some day. And is it better for the baby to stay where she is now even if they do find the family she belongs too.

This novel opens up more of the area beyond Rockton that has been used before in previous books but author Kelley Armstrong explores it more now. This books are a joy to read with the quirky characters, the whole Rockton community and the story-telling of the people and setting of the story.

You can pick up Alone In The Wild in stores on Tuesday, February 4th from Minotaur Books.

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