Book Review: ‘All Signs Point To Yes: A Love Story For Every Horoscope’

There are thirteen horoscopes and this book has thirteen short stories geared toward each sign by thirteen different authors. Each story is unique to each other and sign. I will talk about one story I really liked titled The Taste Of A Kiss. Lauren Chiang is a food influencer and loves nothing more than finding good food. She’s especially looking for a good Korean Fried Chicken. And then she’s alerted that a new food truck is in town and has what she wants. She grabs her bestie Aaron and her camera and phone and head out. But the line is too long and she misses out but finds out there will be one more time they will be serving and gets there in time to get some. Then she’s in for a shock when she finds out who the chef is and who owns it. All the stories are short and well-written and will put a smile on your face. You can pick up All Signs Point To Yes in stores on Tuesday, May 31st from Inkyard Press.


g. haron davis (Aries)
Adrianne White (Aquarius)
Cam Montgomery (Gemini B)
Tehlor Kay Mejia (Gemini A)
Mark Oshiro (Libra)
Eric Smith (Scorpio)
Emery Lee (Pisces)
Byron Graves (Virgo)
Karuna Riazi (Cancer)
Roselle Lim (Taurus)
Alexandra Villasante (Capricorn)
Lily Anderson (Sagittarius)
Kiana Nguyen (Leo

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