Book Review: ‘All Of Us: A Novel’ By A.F. Carter

Carolyn Grand was abused as a young girl and teenager. And to live through it she developed multiple personalities. Six of them right now. Some have come and gone and others have appeared. Right now there’s Martha (she acts like the mother), Victoria (she is nice and helps look after the others), Serena (a free-spirit), Kirk (he thinks he’s a guy who likes to smoke pot), Eleni (the slut of the group) and Tina (a nine year old girl who has all the memories from what has happened to Carolyn).

She lives on Government assistant and each personality has their time to do their own thing. Until Eleni gets in trouble with the police. Carolyn is sent for observation and released with the condition she sees a shrink and will be re-evaluated by the courts. Carolyn soon learns her father Hank, who abused and used her, will be released from jail after 27 years (3 years before his sentence is up). She freaks out but is assured he will be watched and there will be a restraining order against him.

Hank is found murdered in his hotel room and Carolyn (or one of her alters) is suspected in the murder. The police investigate and soon the lead detective is hot for Eleni (and she for him). One of the personalities was at the hotel the night of the hotel. But it can’t be proven who it was or if one of them did it.

Each chapter of the novel is from one of the alters perspective. It’s six mini novels all tied together in the form of one woman. It also is a love story and how one woman deals with the terrible things that happened to her. A well-written story with not one but six characters you root for throughout the novel.

You can pick up All Of Us in stores on Tuesday, June 2nd from The Mysterious Press.

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