Book Review: ‘All Her Little Secrets: A Novel’ By Wanda M. Morris

Ellice Littlejohn is a corporate lawyer at a firm in Atlanta and is well payed. She’s also one of the few black people employed at the company. She arrives early meet Michael her boss and lover (he’s married and they have been carrying on for years). She goes into his office and she finds him dead. She leaves and goes to her desk and pretends she saw nothing. And then she’s offered Michael’s job and takes it. More money, moving up to the 20th floor and being one of the top people. But she soon learns there’s more to the job. She discovers that Michael was working on something that was not good for the company and trying to stop it. The more she digs, the shader she sees things and soon she’s being set up as the one that killed Michael and others and has to fight back as her past might might come back to haunt her. But she will not go down without a fight.

A solid thriller that has many twists and turns and also looks at the racial situation in the south, in a way that fits into the story without being preachy.

You can pick up All He Little Secrets in stores on Tuesday, November 2nd.

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