Book Review: ‘A Woman Alone: A Novel’ By Nina Laurin

Cecelia, her husband and 3 year old daughter move to a new gated committee built by IntelTech after a horrifying incident at their previous house with Cecelia. The new place is part of a Smarh Home neighborhood that is all controlled by AI. There’s hardly anything you have to do on your own. The name of their AI is Saya. Everything is programmed to their taste and they have chips to prove who they are.

Cecelia is not sure about this place but goes along with it. Soon the AI is acting up and calls her by the name of Lydia and strange things happen to Cecelia. She wants out of this place but her husband says no. She is sure someone named Lydia lived in the house before her but is told no one else has live here.

As the story goes on we soon learn that all the major characters have secrets, some of them deadly. Soon Cecelia finds her live in danger and a plan is put into place to try to expose IntelTech but who can trust who? It leads to a shocking climax to the story.

There are lots of twists and turns that keep the reader engaged throughout the novel. A real page-turner you won’t want to put down. A good summer mystery read.

You can pick up A Woman Alone in stores on Tuesday, June 23rd from Grand Central Publishing.

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