Book Review: ‘A Witch To Remember’ Is The Next Fun Wishcraft Mystery

Author Heather Blake is back with her latest Wishcraft Mystery A Witch To Remember. Darcy is now engaged and planning her wedding to Sheriff Nick Sawyer. Her sister Harper is six months pregnant and has a big decision to make about her future. She is going to be asked to be the new Elder upon her death and she’s not aware of this. Her mother, the current elder, is up for renewal or to be replaced and made into a familiar. And if Dorothy has anything to do with it she will be rejected and Dorothy will take what she thinks is her rightful place with her daughter to take over in the future. Dorothy has gone to the dark side and it becomes a dramatic showdown. When it’s all said and done a shocking new elder is decided and Darcy is able to have her wedding.

Before anything with the elder can be decided there has been a murder in the town. Leyna Noble has died in a fire and all signs point to Dorothy, who has been acting weird for a while now. She’s taken into custody but it just doesn’t feel like she did it (even though she had a reason). Darcy takes the lead and starts investigating and checking out the people that she thinks it could be. She has to figure this out and quickly and it leads to a shocking discovery of who the killer is.

These wishcraft novels are so much fun. I love these characters and I love anything having to do with witchcraft. The way this one was written makes me think this might have been the final book in the series. I hope that’s not the case. I feel like these characters are my friends and I want more!

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, April 9th from Crooked Lane.

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