Book Review: ‘A Witch In Time’ Is A Magical Story Set Over One Hundred Years

In 1895 a young girl named Juliet LaCompte is having an affair with a married painter Auguste Marchant and finds herself pregnant. Her mother, who is a witch, is outraged and preforms a spell to rid her of the baby and puts a curse on Auguste that also affects Juliet and Luke, a man who is to look after her. Three people’s lives are now affected throughout eternity.

It’s 2012 and Helen Lambert makes a request in her mind about something happening to her ex-husband’s girlfriend. And then she is set up on a date with Luke, a man that seems familiar and knows all about Helen. She soon starts having dreams about a girl named Juliet and questions Luke about it. He tells her she must keep having the dreams and all will become clear. She soon relives Juliet’s live and figures out and confirmed by Luke she was Juliet. Luke explains that she has lived a few different lives and that he has been a part of them as has Auguste. She relives the other lives and soon learns a shocking truth. She doesn’t have much time left because of the curse and is shocked at what her past lives have been like.

She finds a cure for the curse and the only question she has to ask herself is can she go through with it. It involves losing someone close to her to end it once and for all.

A thrilling, magical story set over a hundred years with her various lives makes this an intense story to read. Each life was different from the other and the story starts off fast and never lets up. I could not put this book down. I love stories involving magic, demons and witches and this did not disappoint at all. A real page-turner.

You can pick up A Witch In Time from Redbook on Tuesday, February 11th.

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