Book Review: ‘A Willing Murder’ Is A Good Mystery Debut From Jude Deveraux

Author Jude Deveraux is best known for her romance series of books. Now she has taken the next step and written her first Mystery Book (and I believe a new series…at least I can hope). It’s a really fun story with three main characters that are great together and have a lot of fun chemistry. The story is about the three of them getting together to solve a double murder from twenty years ago that they discover with lots of twists and turns along the way.

Sara Medlar is a best-selling author and has now retired and living in a mansion in Lachlan, Florida (near Fort Lauderdale). She has been living alone until she convinces her business partner Jackson Wyatt and the Grandson of the man she loved to move in with her after a terrible car crash that killed his half brother Ethan and gave him a broken foot. Then she suddenly gets a call from her niece Kate, who she hasn’t seen or talked to in years. She’s moving here to take a real estate job and will live with Sara for a while.

Kate’s father was Sara’s brother and he died when Kate was young. Kate has been told terrible things about Sara by her mother and she finds there not true. She spares with Jackson at the house (sexual tension anyone). Jackson is a good looking, successful guy in town. He also was the son of a man not very nice or liked in town. Everyone in Lachlan seems to know everyone and their business.

When Jackson and Sara buy six houses and plan to renovate them is when things start to go haywire. One of the houses has a tree uprooted and there below the tree are the bodies of two people that had vanished from town years ago. Cheryl was Jackson’s friend growing up and lived with her mother. They were just one day. The police assume Jackson’s father did it and leave it alone.

Sara, Kate and Jackson don’t think he did it and begin their own search that leads to more questions and find out things about the past they never knew. The more they dig the more dangerous it gets for them. It leads to a shocking discovery and puts their lives in danger.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, September 18th.

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