Book Review: ‘A Walk Along The Beach’ Is The Next Great Debbie Macomber Novel

What can I say about Debbie’e new book? It’s awesome like all her books are. It’s really personal to her and as you read it you will understand why. It’s emotional and takes you on a journey and make sure to have tissues handy.

The Lakey family consists of two sisters Willa, Harper and a brother named Lucas. Their mother years ago and their father couldn’t cope and turned to the bottle. Will basically raised Harper and feels like a mother to her.

The two sisters are roommates and when Harper was really sick three years ago Willa was there for her. Now three years later things seem to be looking up for the family. Harper is planning to climb a mountain, Will has a successful coffee shop and has met a new man in Sean. Lucas is engaged to be married and their father has stopped drinking.

But life throws curve balls on everyone. Willa and Sean are going strong but his work takes him away for weeks at a time. Harper isn’t feeling good and when tests get run it’s not good news. Now the family must rally around Harper in her time of need. Things will change for everyone and Willa especially will have to make decisions on how her life will go forward.

You can pick up A Walk Along The Beach in stores now.

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