Book Review: ‘A Summer To Remember: A Novel’ By Erika Montgomery

A great look at Hollywood, love, loss of family and secrets highlight this great new novel from Author Erika Montgomery. Set on the shores of Cape Cod, where many years ago a Golden Couple from Hollywood decided to get away for a year to regroup and asses their lives. They started a yearly film festival and ended up staying there and raising a son. But secrets abound and now 30 years later Frankie Simon is visiting and looking for answers about her father that she never knew. She meets the local people who knew what was going on all those years ago and the bitter son of the Hollywood couple. As the film festival gets underway, shocking secrets are revealed and the truth about who her mother was and what happened all those years ago come out. Along the way Frankie may even find love and hopefully put the past behind her. A great setting helps with the plot and the Hollywood element also brings the novel to life. With well placed twists and turns, this is one of the better books of the spring.

You can pick up A Summer To Remember in stores on Tuesday, May 11th from St. Martin’s Press.

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