Book Review: ‘A Single Light’ Is A GREAT Sequel To The Line Between By Tosca Lee

Last years book The Line Between was one of my favorite books of the year. Now author Tosca Lee is back with the sequel and it is GREAT. It starts off strong and never lets up. I could not put the book down wondering what was going to happen with Wynter and Chase in this new world. A real page-turner.

The story picks up right after Wynter, Chase and the rest are sealed in underground by Noah. We follow the lives of them as the days and weeks go on. They’re in regular communication with Noah until they’re not. They worry about what is going on above but they can’t do anything at the moment. Things start to get a bit out of control when there’s a murder and when Wynter’s identity is revealed as is shocking news about Chase. Then Julie gets injured and needs medication that they don’t have.

The lock unseals a few days earlier than expected and no sign of Noah or anyone else. Wynter and Chase go on a search for medicine and leave the others behind. They thought they would find people saved by the cure that was being worked on. But they find a lot of deal bodies, abandoned homes and hardly any one alive. They learn of a place that might have the medicine from a deaf kid that has been left on his own and take him along.

When they get to the town they need to be they find a leader and squad of people that are controlling everything and have to fight for their lives. They soon learn what this guy has been doing, what happened to Noah and have to form a dangerous plan to get what they need and get out alive and back to the people they left behind.

If you liked the first book, you will like this one as well. You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, September 17th from Howard Books/Simon and Schuster.

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