Book Review: ‘A Safe House: A Stone Barrington Novel’ By Stuart Woods

The 61st book in the series is another exciting thrill-ride for Stone Barrington and his crew. The adventures take them to London, Key West, Maine and Connecticut before a thrilling finish in New York. These novels keep getting better and better. Stone is asked by his CIA boss Lance Cabot to take someone to his London estate for a least a week to protect the person. Stone has no idea who it is until he meets her on the plane. Jenna is a former model and wife of a Texas Senator. She has recently gotten a divorce and testified against him in a Senate probe. Now he wants revenge on her and he and his henceman are following them around and being foiled at every turn. Finally back in the states she testifies against him again and makes him look like a fool. Having to keep hiding out (and getting sexed up by Stone) things look like they may finally be looking up. But one last ditch attempt on her life could mean the end of her Stone and Joan (his secretary).

You can pick up A Safe House in stores on Tuesday, March 22nd from Putnam.

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