Book Review: ‘A Question Of Betrayal’ Is The Next Thrilling Elena Standish Novel By Anne Perry

Book two of the Elena Standish series takes place in 1933 and it’s time for Elena Standish to go on a mission for M16.

It’s a triple story-line story that all comes together in the end. Elena is asked by Peter Howard to go to Italy to try and contact a spy they have there named Aiden Strother who they believe has had his cover blown. He also happens to be an ex-lover from six years ago of Elena’s and she’ll be able to identify him and get any information he has gained. Her cover includes being a photographer and since she’s fluent in German and Italian it will help. She accepts the assignment and is off to find him. She soon finds her life in danger after finding Aiden and she’s not sure who to trust. When she’s betrayed it may be the end of her life.

Meanwhile her sister Margot is off to Germany for a wedding of her best friend to a member of the Gestapo. When she meets the groom she doesn’t like him. She overhears some of the Germans talking and learns of a plot.

And the third part of the plot involves Elena’s Grandfather Lucas a former head of M16 and who still has contacts and is involved in a quiet way. He’s visited by an old friend who has found evidence of illegal money going to the Germans. He’s soon found dead and Lucas is on the case to try and find his evidence and figure out who killed him.

By the end of the novel all three stories come together with shocking results.

This is a great follow-up to the first book in the series Death In Focus. We learn a lot more about these characters and the story is thrilling at every turn. Here’s to more adventures with Elena, Margot, Lucas and Toby the dog!

You can pick up A Question Of Betrayal in stores on Tuesday, September 8th.

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