Book Review: ‘A Poisonous Page: A Sweet Fiction Bookshop Mystery’ By Kitt Crowe

Author Kitt Crowe is back with the second book in her sweet fiction bookshop series. It takes place in Confection, Oregon and centers around Lexi, who owns the Sweet Fiction book store. In the last book she and her trusted dog Cookie helped solve a murder. Now a couple of months later there are two more deaths, that may be murders. Detective Chat Berg, who seems to have it out for Lexe, thinks it wasn’t death, just nature causes like a heart attack. Lexi decides to investigate herself when Dash Hogan becomes a suspect, having dated both of the dead women. Lexi’s book club decides to help her out and Lexi puts herself in danger but stickying her nose into this. If you’re a fan of small town murder mysteries, this is the perfect book for you. Throw in a cool dog and sexual tension between Lexi and Berg and you have a fun read.

You can pick up A Poisonous Page in stores on Tuesday, July 12th from Crooked Lane.

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