Book Review: ‘A Mother Would Know: A Novel’ By Amber Garza

Valerie has been having issues with her memory. She is foregtting things and fears she’s following in the steps of her mother, who also suffered the same fate. Her daughter doesn’t live far from her and tries to keep an eye on her. And now her estranged son Hudson has moved back home. Hudson has a history in this small town, his girlfriend died on a hill back at a high school party and he was accused of killing her but was never charged. He is moody and not around much. Then two women in the neighborhood are murdered and suspicion falls on Hudson. Valerie goes into Mom mood to defend her son, even when things don’t look good for him. We learn about Valerie’s shocking past via flashbacks and then the shocking, twisty truth about the past and present are revealed and it’s what Valerie or the reader expect, with not one but two twists. A novel that starts off strong and never lets up and keeps you engaged right till the very end.

You can pick up A Mother Would Know in stores on Tuesday, December 13th from MIRA.

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