Book Review: ‘A Most Agreeable Murder: A Novel’ By Julia Seales

In the early 19th century, the Steele family lives in Swampshire, England. There are three girls, with Beatrice being the oldest at 25, and still not married. Women are expected to act a certain way, and she has a secret, she’s obsessed with murder, not committing, solving. She has to stop for the sake of her family. And if one of the daughters doesn’t find a husband soon, the estate will be lost, since none of the daughters can inherit it. With an upcoming ball taking place, the hope is one of the daughters gets a marriage proposal soon. At the ball, one of the men dies suddenly, and Beatrice teams up with a detective named Vivek Drake to solve the case, all the while attempting to be the lady she’s supposed to be. This is a great first novel, in hopefully a new series. The time, characters, and plot all hit the right note, and readers are hooked right from the start. A perfect beach read.

You can pick up A Most Agreeable Murder in stores on Tuesday, June 27th from Random House.

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