Book Review: ‘A Million Things: A Novel’ By Emily Spurr

An excellent debut novel from author Emily Spurr will tug at your heart as you follow the story of a 10-year girl and her dog after her mother dies. Rae is 10 years old when she discovers her mother’s body in the shed. She carries on like nothing has happened, with her dog Splinter by her side. She cleans the house, makes breadfast, goes to school, walks the dog and hides the fact her mother is gone. She’s seen a lot by her older neighbor Lettie, a hoarder who lives by herself and seems to be watching Rae. They start to become cloes and soon Lettie is asking questions that Rae doesn’t want to answer. But things start to go wrong after a noisy neighbor starts sticking her nose in. It’s been a month and a half and the jig is about over. Rae and Lettie have become close and now Rae’s world is about to be blown up and a tragic accident might take the one thing she loves most. More novels like this and Emily Spurr will be someone to watch out for.

You can pick up A Million Things in stores on Tuesday, August 24th from Berkley.

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