Book Review: ‘A Midsummer Night’s Scheme: A Bookbinding Novel’ By Harper Kincaid

Quinn Caine is finally healed from the events of the last book, and looking to spend some time with her police department boyfriend. When former resident bad boy Chad Frivole returns to town, it causes a stir, especially among his ex-girlfriends, of which there are many. Then he is attacked in his car by snakes, and later dies. Any number of people can be responsible. Quinn says she will stay out of the investigation, but of course she can’t, especially when her brother Bash is getting death threats, he used to be a womanizer as well. So Quinn is running out of time to solve this case, save her brother, and her own life. Another fun small-time novel, with fun, quirky characters, and an easy-to-follow plot. Fans of this genre will like this one.

You can pick up A Midsummer Night’s Scheme in stores on Tuesday, March 21st from Crooked Lane.

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  1. February 27, 2023

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