Book Review: ‘A Mansion For Murder: A Kate Shackleton Mystery’ By Frances Brody

The 13th novel in the series is set in July 1930, and Kate Shackleton, who is a private investigator, gets a mysterious letter from Ronnie Creswell, asking her to meet him, as he has information she will need. When Kate arrives for the meeting, she finds out Ronnie has just died. It turns out Ronnie was murdered, and it’s thought to have something to do with Arnold Whitaker, the father of Ronnie’s girlfriend. When young Nancy Creswell goes missing, Kate is on the case uncovering shocking details of the present, and the past, and someone will try and stop her. This is another fun novel in the series, with a great cast of supporting characters, and of course Kate herself, who is well-written. Fans of this series will be happy with this one.

You can pick up A Mansion For Murder in stores on Tuesday, March 21st from Crooked Lane.

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