Book Review: ‘A Lot Like Adios: A Novel’ By Alexis Daria

I loved the last book by Alexis Dara titled You Had Me At Hola last year and now she’s back with her new book A Lot Like Adios. This book is as good or better than the last one. Alexis writes well-written characters, great stories and very steamy love scenes (I needed a couple of cold showers as I was reading this one). It you like your rom-coms hot and sexy, there’s no one better that Alexis Dara.

Gabe left the Bronx and Michelle, his best friend, 13 years ago and never looked back. He had issues with his father, got a scholarship to UCLA and didn’t tell Michelle he was going as they were about to have sex and admit their feeelings. Today he owns a successful gym in the Los Angeles area and not it’s time to open a franchise in New York. He’s tasked with it and soon finds out his partner has e-mailed Michelle to do the marketing as she is very successful in New York. Gabe is stunned when he finds out and knows it’s time to face her. She has one request and that is he has to stay with her. She’s going to get to the bottom of why he left her. But the minute they’re together the previous magic of their former relationship takes center stage and they start a steamy sexual relationship, while trying to figure out what it all means. It also means Gabe has to confront his past with his parents and figure out where things really stand with Michelle.

You can pick up A Lot Like Adios in stores now from Avon.

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