Book Review: ‘A Little Bit Of Grace: A Novel’ By Phoebe Fox

One woman loses her mother and her husband and soon learns of a family member she never knew about it changes her life.

Grace lost her mother and then her husband and business partner Brian tells her he wants out of their marriage. They have been best friends since childhood and fell in love after college. They both became lawyers and took over the family business. They’re still keeping the business and the friendship. But Grace is left wondering about things with Brian. And as she goes through her mother’s things she finds a letter from someone with the initial M asking for her Mom to call. Grace calls and learns she has an aunt in Florida.

And then Brian drops a bombshell (and he only lives three houses down from her) that he has gotten back together with an ex and she’s having his baby (Grace could not have kids). Grace decides this is too much and takes off for Florida to meet her Aunt Millie.

Aunt Millie is a larger than live character. At age 81 she’s a spitfire who lives life to the fullest. Grace soon learns the family history where Millie is concerned and it’s a whopper of a secret that caused the family rift. And being in Florida has woken Grace up. She’s having a ball there and meets a man named Jason that she likes. By the time she leaves Florida and returns to her life in her mid-west small town and the law office she makes a decision that will change her life forever.

A heart-warming story with great characters in Grace and especially Millie (who might be on of the best written characters all year). You are emotionally invested in the characters and hope for Grace to be able to move on with her life. A great end of summer read.

You can pick up A Little Bit Of Grace in stores Tuesday, August 11th from Berkley.

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