Book Review: ‘A Killer Edition’ Is The Next Fun Booktown Mystery

The 13th booktown mystery is a really fun novel with Tricia Miles in the thick of another murder. Things have been going good for Tricia and her sister Angelica. Their businesses are doing good and it’s almost time for the annual bake-off. This year Tricia is going to enter. Tricia is with Joyce when she witnesses a shouting match with her neighbor Vera over a cut tree limb. Later Tricia is at Joyce’s house to learn some gardening tips when Vera is found dead in at the fence between the two yards.

Joyce is questioned and released but is a suspect. Tricia decides she is going to investigate and soon learns little things about Vera. Even though she was not well liked she was an animal lover and stood up for their rights. Tricia also learns about a plot involving the local animal shelter where Vera was a volunteer. At the bake-off things come to ahead when Tricia is confronted by the killer and her life is in jeopardy and may be over this time.

These booktown novels are always a lot of fun. The characters and small town setting play nicely into the stories. And the novel is easy to read and follow. Also when reading this book prepare to be hungry, There is a lot of cooking of food and treats. Author Lorna Barrett also puts in the recipes for the cupcakes made at the bake-off.

You can pick up A Killer Edition in stores on Tuesday, August 13th from Berkley.

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