Book Review: ‘A House At The Bottom Of A Lake: A Novel’ By Josh Malerman

James and Amelia, both 17, meet and decide to go on a date. It’s not your typical date, they go canoeing on a lake that leads to a second lake, one that is not well known. They’re having fun and then they see a third lake, one that James has never seen before. Exploring it they find a house, which is below the water. It fascinates them and the explore it. They return time after time with scuba equipment and it seems like a normal but strange house. They decide to lose their virginity in the house and then they think they here someone or something. Then their lives change.

A solid, scary, chilling story that has the reader engaged and along for the ride as to what’s really happening at this house and how it will impact these two lives.

You can pick up A House At The Bottom Of A Lake in stores Tuesday, January 19th from Del Rey.

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