Book Review: ‘A Heartfelt Christmas Promise: A Novel’ By Nancy Naigle

Vanessa Larkin lives in Chicago and has a well paying job she loves. She’s looking for a house and has finally found what she wants, even if it’s out of her price range. She has a man that loves her and wants to probably marry her. And she is up for an assignment in Paris that she’s hoping to get. And in the blink of an eye everything changes. She breaks up with her man as she doesn’t love him. And she doesn’t get the Paris gig. Instead she’s being sent to a small town in North Carolina called Fraser Hills. She has to close down a fruitcake factory that has been there forever and is the life of the small town.

When she gets there she’s the outsider and people are not happy about what’s about to take place. As she meets the people and a man named Mike things start to change. She realizes the fruitcake company is and can be more profitable. She fights for it but it is turning into a losing battle with her boss. She won’t give up and soon comes to love this town and the people in especially Mike. And she’s determined to save the factory and everyone’s Christmas.

Another great Christmas novel from author Nancy Naigle. The setting of the small town and the interesting characters that live make this novel sparkle from the beginning to the end.

You can pick up A Heartfelt Christmas Promise in stores now.

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