Book Review: ‘A Harmless Lie: A Novel’ By Sara Blaedel

The 10th novel in author Sara Blaedel’s detective Louise Rick series is another spellbinding thrill-ride. Full of mystery and intrique you’re hooked right from the very beginning. Louise is in Thailand on vacation when her father calls with the news that her brother Mikkel has tried to kill himself after his wife Trine left him. Louise starts to investigate and ask questions and it seems maybe Trine didn’t leave on her own and soon the police are looking at Mikkel as a suspect. On top of that Louise learns the body of a girl who vanished 14 years ago has turned up in a cave. Louise teams up with her journalist friend Camilla and the two of them learn shocking secrets and twists as they investigate what is going on.

You can pick up A Harmless Lie in stores on Tuesday, March 22nd from Dutton.

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