Book Review: ‘A Good Day To Pie: A Pies Before Guys Mystery’ By Misha Popp

Author Misha Popp’s first pie book was great, and she follows up with another fun, magical, murder mystery. Daisy Ellery is a baker, but she has a secret, she makes magic pies, and gives them to horrible men, who then die from eating them, men that have it coming to them. She gets cast on a TV cooking reality show, and is off to North Carolina to film it. One of the contestants is found dead, and then a judge is killed, one that Daisy was supposed to bring a pie to after the filming was over. Daisy decides to figure out the murderer is before anyone else dies. The novel is full of baking wonderful food, and by the time you finish it, you will be hungry for all of it. Lucky for us, the author puts in a bunch of recipes at the end of the novel. Fans of magic, and fun, quirky, small town characters will like this novel.

You can pick up A Good Day To Pie in stores on Tuesday, February 7th from Crooked Lane.

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