Book Review: ‘A Ghost Of Caribou: An Alex Carter Novel’ By Alice Henderson

Alex Carter is back for her third adventure, this time she’s in Bellamy, Washington, looking for a caribou, who haven’t been spotted in the upper 48 states in years. What should be an easy assisgnment turns deadly, when her first day in town, the body of a forest ranger is found and another woman has been missing for a year. And there is a logging issues going on, she’s on federal property and a judge is determining if logging can continue. She spots her caribou and is able to get a camera on him. But something funny is going on in the forest, a mysterious light, and someone has been following Alex. And then her friend Kathleen goes missing and it’s an all out search to find her. When Alex finds her it leads to a deadly chase through the forest to save their lives. Another impressive book by Alice Henderson, who makes you feel like you are right there with Alex in the forest and a lot of great information on the caribou and animals of the forest. Her father, her friend Zoe and the mysterious man are back for cameos as well. Fans of the first two will be happy with this one.

You can pick up A Ghost Of Caribou in stores on Tuesday, November 17th from William Morrow.

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