Book Review: ‘A Forgotten Murder: A Medlar Mystery’ By Jude Deveraux

After solving mysteries in Florida Sara Medlar, Kate her niece and friend Jack travel to London to an English Manor, named Oaxley Manor (now a hotel), to visit an old friend to maybe figure out a mystery from years ago. Sara is hoping to turn it into a new novel.

Sara has invited people from that time years ago when two people went missing. Sara is hoping to figure out what happened to them back then. What she knows and the others don’t is that one of the people that went missing named Sean, his body was found not to far away. So in reality he was probably murdered instead of going missing.

Sara, Kate and Jack interview everyone trying to find out their sides of what happened. Sara then writes a play that everyone will act out in hopes of flushing out the real killer. When someone turns up dead everyone is on edge that the killer is ready to strike again to keep their secret of what really happened years ago.

Jude Deveraux writes the most fun books out there. This is the third with Sara Medlar and my first. I’ve read other Jude books and have enjoyed them and I am now adding this series to my future reads. The characters, the setting and the mystery make for an enjoyable read right from the beginning.

You can pick up A Forgotten Murder in stores on Tuesday, March 7th from MIRA.

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