Book Review: ‘A Double Life: A Novel’ Is A Thrill Ride

The mark of a good thriller is that you can put it down. Author Flynn Berry has written a page-turner story that you will want to keep reading right up to the end of the story.

Thirty years ago young Claire and her brother were upstairs sleeping when a brutal attack took place downstairs. Her nanny was killed and her mother attacked. It was believed to be her father who did it. They parents were separated and not really getting along. Her father vanished after the attack and was never found.

Today he is still being looked for and people claim to spot him all the time. But nothing has panned out. Claire believes that his old friends helped him go to ground but there’s no proof of it. When Claire meets the daughter of one of his old friends she decides to put a plan in motion to try and find or figure out what happened to him all those years ago. She is hell bent on finding out the truth even if it means using people, breaking the law and putting her own life in jeopardy.

The novel is based on a real life crime involving Lord Lucan Case, who attacked his wife, murdered his children’s nanny and fled the country never to be seen again.

If you need a good summer read for the beach or pool you can pick up A Double Life from Viking on Tuesday, July 27.

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