Book Review: ‘A Desperate Place: A Novel’ By Jennifer Greer

The debut thriller from author Jennifer Greer has everything you want in a book. Two strong, well-written female characters. A fast paced thriller of a story with enough twists and turns to keep the reader engaged throughout.

Three deaths, three murders and three people that have a lot in common.

For reporter Whit McKenna it’s a new start at the Medford, Oregon local paper as a reporter. She lost her husband in a tragic event months ago and she’s getting back on her feet. A fire has claimed the life of a top lawyer in town. A body is found in the mountains of a woman, who turns out to be a famous actress. And another local celebrity lawyer is found dead in her pool. Whit is on the case and all three seem to be connected.

For medical examiner Kate Riggs and best friend of Whit it’s a very busy time. Soon they are able to connect all the cases together and she must balance her friendship with her reporter friend. They exchange information and Whit is able to break the case in the news and get acclaim. As she tracks down leads it puts her life in danger and they may have jumped the gun when they think they have the murderer. And it could cost Whit her life.

You can pick up A Desperate Place in stores on Tuesday, August 11th from Crooked Lane Books.

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