Book Review: ‘A Deadly Feast’ Is The Next Fun Key West Food Critic Novel

Haley Snow is back for her ninth adventure in Key West. This time she’s planning her wedding to Nathan for the day after Thanksgiving. And they are trying to get his houseboat renovated. Things are not going well on that front. The wedding plans are good to go.

When Haley gets a call from her friend Analise about a person dies during a tasting tour she rushes to see what it is about. Haley soon finds herself on the case looking into what might have happened and who could be responsible. Nathan is also on a high profile case in Key West and Haley has no idea what it involves. They are barely able to see each other right now.

Haley keeps digging and when someone else gets sick it leads to investigating some of the biggest chefs and people in town and anyone one of them could be responsible. And when a tragedy strikes could it derail Haley’s wedding day?

Another fun Key West mystery with a great character in Haley Snow. The location is great and all the food talk will make you hungry (just a warning!). And author Lucy Burdette is nice enough to put in recipes at the end of the book for some of the dishes talked about in the story.

You can pick up A Deadly Feast in stores on Tuesday, May 7th from Crooked Lane.

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