Book Review: ‘A Dangerous Man’ Is The Next Thrilling Elvis Cole And Joe Pike Novel

Author Robert Crais is back with his 18th book in the Elvis Cole and Joe Pike series. Elvis is a private detective and Joe is a former cop and someone that has done things for the government and was in the service. He’s a guy you don’t want to mess with. This time out he gets involved with the kidnapping of a bank teller Isabel Roland he sees being taken outside the bank he just made a deposit in. He is able to save her but she is later kidnapped. He is on the case trying to find her and calls in Elvis to help.

As they going on the case they find it involves U.S. Marshalls when a retired Marshall is found dead who has a relationship with Isabel. He worked in the witness protection division and it turns out Isabel’s parents were a part of it years ago and had to be relocated with new identities. The people that have taken Isabel want what her parents took years ago but Isabel has no idea what they are talking about. Joe and Elvis are at the top of their game and soon track her down and get to the bottom of things but will it be too late?

If you’ve never read one of the Cole and Pike novels you should jump on in. The characters are great, the stories are always fun and Joe Pike is just the man. I love reading these adventures and would never want to get on Pike’s bad side!

You can pick up A Dangerous Man in stores on Tuesday, August 6th from Putnam.

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