Book Review: ‘A Crafter Quilts A Crime’ Is The Next Fun Handcrafted Mystery By Holly Quinn

Book number 3 in the Handcrafted book series finds S.H.E. back on the case after a murder takes place during the town’s annual Fire and Ice event in January. Sammy, Heidi and Ellie are investigating what happened to Wanda, who suddenly died that night in the display window at Sammy’s show Community Craft.

It also means Detective Liam Nash is on the case and their attraction continues. After bringing a lasagna to Wanda’s brother Jackson things get weirder on the case. He has a received a ransom not about his brother-in-law Marty, who has gone missing. So S.H.E. decides to investigate and get caught. Then Sammy sees something she shouldn’t have and she will have to use her skills to get out it and help nap the killer.

Another fun story involving the fun characters of S.H.E and the small town setting in Wisconsin. Also there’s more plot moving forward in the relationships of the three women and looks like big changes going forward in future books.

You can pick up A Crafter Quilts A Crime in stores on Tuesday, February 11th from Crooked Lane.

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