Book Review: ‘A Brush With Murder: A Paint By Murder Mystery’ By Bailee Abbott

The first book in a new series by author Bailee Abbott starts off in a fun way in a small town outside of New York called Whisper Cove. Filled with quirky, fun characters and a murder-mystery for the readers to follow along with. Chloe Abbington has moved back home to work with her sister Izzie, who is opening a new painting business, where people can come in and paint. Chloe had some tough times in the city and is not looking to reboot her life. They have invited local reporter Fiona Gimble, who has been fighting with other town people over her negative columns and comments to people. The night of the first event Fiona is found dead in the alley way and Chloe is the first suspect by Detective Hunter Barrett. But soon the list of suspects grows and we learn secrets about the towns people and Chloe soon investigates on her own and finds herself in danger. It may turn out to be someone closer to her than she thought.

You can pick up A Brush With Murder in stores on Tuesday, October 12th from Crooked Lane.

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