Book Review: ‘A Brightness Long Ago: A Novel’ By Guy Gavriel Kay

Guy Gavriel Kay is back with his latest set in a time during the Italian renaissance. The story follows Danio, a one-time tailor’s son now an old man. It looks back on his life which involved people of nobility. While working at court he notices a woman Adria Ripoli with an intent to kill. She is the daughter of a duke but is rebellious and follows her uncle Folco, a mercenary. Danio says nothing and the killing takes place.

It haunts him from that point on. He will encounter others along his journey that will impact his life along with Adria. Their world’s and encounters will change them and perhaps the people around them as well.

A great historical fiction novel set in a beautiful time period. The characters are well-written and defined. The story has some interesting twists and the reader (well me) couldn’t put the book down, a real page-turner.

Nobody writes epic novels like Guy Gavriel Kay and this one will be right up their with his other great novels. You can pick up A Brightness Long Ago in stores on Tuesday, May 14th from Berkley.

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