Book Review: ‘A Book Of Bones’ Is The Next Thrilling Charlie Parker Novel

Author John Connolly is back with book number 17 in his Charlie Parker series. It’s my first time reading one and I really enjoyed it. Charlie Parker is a great character who has an I don’t give a damn attitude. This is a continuing story from past books and is tightly written. It starts off strong and never lets up. It takes the reader on a ride right up to the final words.

Parker is called to Arizona where a woman has been found murdered in a storage refrigerator in a junk yard. Charlie has no idea why he is hear for a murder. That’s until he realizes it involves Quayle, an English lawyer who may be immortal and his accomplice Pallida Mors. He has been after then for a while now and they keep getting away. Quayle is looking for a book called The Fractured Atlas and has most of it but Parker has a few pages, keeping him from having the whole thing.

Clues send him to Amsterdam to search for them and then on to London where a bunch of bizarre murders have been taking place. it puts Parker on the case and soon it’s a game of cat and mouse and who will blink first, all leading to climatic showdown and ending.

You can pick up A Book Of Bones in stores on Tuesday, October 15th from Atria Books.

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