Book Review: ‘A Beginner’s Guide To Murder: A Novel’ By Rosalind Stopps

Three women, Meg, Grace and Daphne, all in their 70’s are enjoying coffee, when a young girl named Nina comes running in and asks for help. A man is after her and the ladies hide her in the bathroom. The man bursts in but soon leaves and the three women decide they need to help Nina and take her home with them to Meg’s house. The three of them decide to team up and decide that the man, they call him Toad, must die, and they start to devise a plan to take care of him. As the novel goes along, each chapter is told from one of the characters point of view and we learn their backstories of their lives. Helping Nina in some way will seem to make up for things in their past. But nothing goes according to plan, they’re are a couple of kidnappings, rescues and a final showdown. These women may be older, but they’re not to be messed with. This is a great character-driven novel, with lots of fun characters and some LOL moments as well. Author Rosalind Stopps has written a great end of the summer novel, that is not to be missed. Here’s hoping for more adventures with there three.

You can pick up A Beginner’s Guide To Murder in stores on Tuesday, August 23rd from HQ.

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