Blu-Ray Review: ‘The Flash: The Complete Seventh Season’

The seventh season of The Flash continued the story from season six, which was cut short by the pandemic. The Iris being held captive in the mirrorverse by Eve McCulloch was finally resolved with Iris returning home and Barry who had lost his speed regained it because of Wells. The new season saw lots of changes. Gone were Wells and Cisco left midday through. New cast members were added and the new season had Barry fighting against a new force Godspeed that he can’t quite conquer. It also involves his family from the future returning to aid in the fight or hamper it. On top of that Barry and Iris are trying to have a baby with not much luck. Caitlin and Frost have a reckoning and the fate of Barry and the crew is on the line. Another solid season of battle with the good guys against the bad guys. The losses of Cisco and Wells hurt the season a bit but the action stories more than made up for it. The show has been renewed for an eight season with a big cross-over event planned.

You can pick up The Flash: The Complete Seventh Season on Blu-ray now in stores.

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