Blu-ray Review: ‘Batman: Hush’

Based on one of the comics in the Batman series fans finally get a movie with Hush. Batman (Jason O’Mara) is up against a lot of usual foes in this one by the main villain is Hush who is a mysterious, bandaged man. Bruce also rekindles his romance with Selena/Catwoman (Jennifer Morrison). There is also a big showdown between Batman and Superman. But the main focus is on two things in this movie. How will Batman take on Hush and just who is he. And can he open up to romance with Catwoman or is he to far damaged to be able to.

This is another fun edition to the DC animated world. Fans have wanted a Hush story for a while now and DC delivers a satisfying animated movie. The voice work is stellar, the animation once again top-notch and story well-written. I am told that a lot of things from the comic are in the movie (this from a comic friend who watched it with me). If you’re a fan of the previous DC animated movies you will like this one just as much.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, August 6th.

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