8 Points to Keep in Mind While Writing a Film Review

Some people enjoy writing film reviews for fun. They love sharing their thoughts about the movies just watched. For them, a film review is an equivalent for a book report but maybe a bit more complicated.

The main difficulty is conveying the story in a way that would make people who have not watched the movie go and do so.

On the other hand, composing a good film review requires decent writing skills. No one would pay attention to work full of grammar or stylistic mistakes.

Also, such a task can be a part of your course program. If facing problems with this type of assignment, students may refer to a legitimate essay writing service to have the job done. For those who like to have the first-hand experience, here are several simple tips to make your film review excellent.

Here they are:

Go Watch the Movie

It is the simplest and most obvious advice. However, no surprise: reviews are sometimes written by people who never watched the movie.

To compose a well-structured and organized report, we suggest you should go to the cinema and watch the actual movie.

You can write a good film review if you feel you just saw an awesome piece. Or you can devise a negative review if you feel like people must be warned and never watch it. If the movie has left you indifferent, it is a bad idea to write about it.

Back Your Thoughts

You need solid proof to every opinion or criticism you have. At this point, writing a film review reminds composing an argumentative essay. You should express your ideas, thoughts, and views only if you have facts to support them. Otherwise, the report will have no practical value.

Target Your Audience

A decent part of writing a useful film review is making it easy to understand who the target audience is. For example, as an English student, you are less likely to write this review for an audience that would include Film Studies experts.

Thus, using complicated jargon and pointing out the professional categories like shades and sound effects will make little sense. However, if you are supposed to present your review to people knowledgeable of the movie industry, including such details will be a good idea.

Do Not Include Spoilers

If you tell people all plot details from the very beginning to the end, consider that you have failed with writing a good film review. A genuinely nice movie report should contain no spoilers. You can hint at some events but never write in full disclosure. A good idea may be to use a trailer to understand what parts of the movie can be discussed in greater detail.

Browse Professional Reviews

Some websites publish reviews on every movie that is on in cinemas. You can read several of them on different films of the same genre to catch the idea of how they describe and discuss main heroes as well as how they assess actors’ contributions. It really helps in having a critical eye that catches the smallest details.

Go Strong on Actors, Crew, and Sound

You can either praise a team that worked on the movie or explain why you think they had not done their best. However, you should approach it critically and support your opinions with examples of a better job or, in contrast, point out the crew’s achievements.

Rate the Scenario

Sometimes, the actor’s play can be brilliant, but the story itself is awful. You should be critical to the movie and approach it comprehensively. If this particular movie failed in many aspects, you should state this in your review. Nothing is more upsetting than two hours wasted on a bad movie.

Find Your Style and Write in Your Own Voice

It is essential to be yourself while writing. You can read other reviews and consult with professionals but do not lose yourself, your voice, and your style.

Most often, you will write to your peers, so no need to present yourself as somebody else. Write about your thoughts and ideas, supporting them with easy-to-understand professional terms and solid facts, and your review will be the best.

Final Words

Composing a brilliant film review requires skills just like any other writing assignment. You need to make sure that your material is in-depth and engaging. You need to ensure than when the audience reads your review, they either go and watch the movie or dismiss this idea if they have been considering it.

Still, it is vital to be objective and use evidence to support your praise or criticism. Your review should have a professional tone, excellent grammar, and impeccable style to grab the attention. It should be written in your own voice to make readers want to read more pieces from you.

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