8 Great Scholarships for Acting

Many of us dreamed of becoming actors, performers, and other representatives of the celebrity professions as children. It seems that there is nothing complicated in the fulfillment of this dream. However, an attractive face or talent does not always help to achieve the desired. Do not underestimate the education in this field and consider it a waste of time. And do not think that it will be enough for you to buy an essay on a particular topic and magically become an actor. There is no place for cheating here. The acting profession has long been considered emotionally complex and creative. After all, the actor is primarily a bright personality, for whom it is important to be able to preserve, develop, and increase the talents. Therefore, in this case, much will depend on the choice of the university where further training in such a complex profession will take place; on the level of teaching and experience of professors. It is a difficult choice to make, as there are often offered short paid courses, followed by guaranteed employment and promotion, or training in little-known colleges, which are closed as quickly as they are established. It is vital to remember that quality education is not necessarily available only for money. You should not immediately give up the opportunity to compete for a budget place and a scholarship, because you can not learn in a couple of years or even months of what you can learn throughout life. Today we offer you eight scholarships for actors, which will help you get closer to your childhood dream.

Austin College Theatre Scholarship

This scholarship is available to students with theatre talents, whether or not theatre is your major subject.
The scholarship of $4,000 is awarded every year. All you need to do is fill in all the information on the university website and take an audition or demonstrate your portfolio. After that, you will need to meet with your potential professors.
After making sure that the candidate has met all the requirements, the scholarship is approved by the Director of the Theatre Department.

Heroes and Legends Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded by Janie Bradford as one of the best theater scholarships to help young people from minority backgrounds who have demonstrated exceptional abilities and aspirations for performing arts, including acting.
Candidates must be U.S. citizens, aged 17-26, reside or study in Southern California, attend accredited schools or community colleges, have a solid average score of at least 2.0, and be good role models.

Loyola University Merit Scholarships

This scholarship is awarded to first-year students as well as to students of other schools. The aid of $14,000 can only be obtained by exceptional academic performance, competitive test scores, and an important contribution to the community.
To receive this scholarship, you do not need to be interviewed or speak in front of the admissions’ committee. The aid is based solely on academic qualifications.

George Heller Memorial Scholarship

Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) Foundation awards this scholarship every year. The amount of aid can be as much as $2,500.

You will be able to use the funds to cover the costs and fees at accredited institutions of higher education in the United States, including acting schools.

Grand Rapids Combined Theatre Scholarship

This $2,000 theatre scholarship is aimed at promising actors from Michigan who are enrolled in accredited colleges in the United States as graduate students in the field of a theater or performing arts. To receive this scholarship, the commission will consider students’ academic achievements, participation in public theater life, financial needs, expert acting capacity, and references.

Henry and Joyce W. Sumid Scholarship

Pasadena Playhouse Alumni & Associates is funding this scholarship. This association is known for training famous actors such as Dustin Hoffman and Gene Hackman. Graduates of the Pasadena Playhouse Theatre award a $5,000 Henry and Joyce W. Sumid scholarship each year to motivate young people.

This scholarship helps residents of ten states (Washington, Idaho, Alaska, California, Hawaii, Montana, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Oregon) study theater from the junior to the master’s level. Actors must submit a certificate of GPA of at least 3.0, a CV, and a recommendation from a theatre teacher.

King Family Undergraduate Scholarships

The Charles and Lucille King Family Foundation was founded in New Jersey in 1988. It began to allocate $7,000 for scholarships for junior and senior students wishing to pursue careers in television and acting.

The scholarship is awarded to students studying full-time at accredited American colleges with four years of study. It evaluates their academic performance, experience in the media industry, financial needs, and demonstrated potential. The students of New York University are also lucky enough to receive a $10,000 Heinemann Award.

Utah Theatre Association Scholarships

All participants in an audition organized by the Utah State Theater Association can receive a $3,000 scholarship to pursue training in the performing arts for actors, singers, dancers, and dramatists.

The audition kits must include 25 resumes and photographs for the judges to review, while the candidates recite two contrasting monologues.

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